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完全オーダー制作  29cm×21cm ハードカバー80P チャリティー写真集 ※こちらの写真集は売上の全額をチャリティにすることを目的として制作いたしました。 「愛すべきいびつで美しいものたち」と題して綴られたプライベートフォトの作品群。 人々にとって「DIVA」とは誰か? なぜ、そう想わせるのか? すべての人に愛と尊敬を贈ります。 ■作品モデル 心月 mituski  http://modelmitsuki.com/ ■サイン入りポストカード付 ※こちらは予約品のため入金確認後2週間ほどお時間をいただきますのでごs了承ください。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Who is "DIVA"? English essay spelled entitled as lovable and beautiful thing first edition of private photo production. This work dedicated to acting as a gender model (mituski) was produced as a charity book donating all of sales to child welfare facilities over two years from 2015, announced from 2018 It became this. I will give love and respect to everyone. ー本作より選抜ー No one can stop the flow of time. Despite of such cruel truth, a photograph can capture the moment for eternity. By thinking of something while capturing the moment, we may be able to reach the origin of human consciousness. I am always curious to find out the origin. On December 2015, I met the freelance model called “mitsuki.” He was living his own life beyond the boundaries of gender after coming out as transgender. When I point my camera at him with curiosity for his firm mind, his atmosphere has shifted as if he became a completely different person. His presence was shapeless and transparent just like the light, air or wind. I got really into taking photos of him. While photographing, I came to know that there is a person he admires. That person’s name is Andrej Pejic, the photo model who has surpassed the sexual boundaries. For mitsuki, as a photo model, and for me, as a photographer, Andrej Pejic is the Goddess of beauty. Together with mitsuki, we tried to take the portrait photo that “beautiful man can realize” by referencing the photos of Andrej Pejic. It was a great time to learn the magnificence of human existence. I don’t know what I can do for the person with gender issues. However, I thought that I can change something by taking photos and preserving the presence of the people who are living with their true selves. I wholeheartedly desire that the photographic art saves someone in some place of this world, just like the presence of Andrej Pejic made one man’s life more comfortable. _______________________________________________ 購入可能な作品は上記に掲載されております。 作品画像には著作権がございます。 無断での使用、転載は禁止されております。ご使用に関してはIDEA ART BOOK事務局までお問い合わせ下さい。 Available works are as below. Please feel free to contact us by email, if you have any questions about the artists or the exhibitions. The copy rights of the art works belongs to the artist. Please contact IDEA ART BOOK about the use of the photos or copies of the art work. Thank you.